The right order

September 30, 2016 wkaxyst 0

1. Strength training 2. Asana training (flexibility) 3. Pranayama 4. Meditation 5. Relaxation 6. Shower and breakfast Since some time I know that strength training […]


September 30, 2016 wkaxyst 0

.flickr-photo border: solid 2px #000000; .flickr-yourcomment .flickr-frame { text-align:… For the full photographic glory and the rest of the text, you know where to go. […]

How To Make Emoji Cookies

September 29, 2016 wkaxyst 0

Seriously though, how fun are these homemade emoji cookies?   What’s your favorite emoji? I am a girl of many emotions. We’ve talked before about my […]

Too Much Fred for One Head

September 28, 2016 wkaxyst 0

Sorry I’m late, I was doing the mountain biking: Suckers. Anyway, further to yesterday’s post about how Clif is selling an energy food remarkably similar […]