A Very NYC Week

I woke up exhausted this morning and wondered why.

Then I thought about my past week, and I did…a lot. Of fun stuff!

Starting with last Saturday:

I went to our Junior League Winter Ball for my EIGHTH time (whoa.)

As has been tradition for quite a few years now, our run club met for a few miles and brunch (at Kingside, YUM) before the big day. The feels-like temp was something under 20/terrible.

Braid Bun Dream Dry

I went to Dream Dry to get my hair did. Because of the neckline of my dress, I definitely wanted to do something up but not stuffy, so I LOVED this bun/braid thingy I got. 10/10, would braid again.

NYJL Winter Ball

My friends are pretty.

NYJL Winter Ball

BNP Paribas Showdown

Monday, still a little tired from the weekend, I went to the BNP Paribas Showdown, a tennis exhibition at MSG. SO MUCH FUN — they played what amounted to basically one set each, and it was much more relaxed than the Open and other tourneys, and the players interacted with the crowd. It was U.S. vs. The World, which didn’t feel like a Will Ferrell tennis movie at all…

Tuesday I had a quiet night of dinner at a friend’s for a long-overdue catch-up over tacos.

Escape the Room

Wednesday, we had a Junior League transfers social at Escape the Room, an interactive game. Basically, you’re “locked” (you can get out if you have to pee, don’t worry, I checked) in a room, and you need to solve a puzzle through a series of clues to get out. It was super fun and although we didn’t escape (you get an hour, and if you’re not done, you still get to leave!), it was a fun challenge.

THURSDAY, I went to a free comedy show at Beauty Bar, put on by Grin + Barrett. I originally saw my spirit animal, Kate the Wasp as part of this show years ago and have been meaning to go back!

City Winery

Then, last night! I went to see Vanessa Carlton at City Winery. (That photo is from my friend Lacey’s wedding there, I didn’t take any pics last night…)

I’d only been to City Winery for her wedding and drinks in the Barrel Room, but omg, this is an amazing venue. You’re seated at tables (A++ for old ladies like me) and are served wine and food while you watch whatever show. It’s small enough that it feels really intimate. As I said — we saw Vanessa Carlton. My friend Cathy had asked me months ago and I didn’t think much of it. “Sure?” I only knew A Thousand Miles and Carousel and don’t usually like concerts where I don’t know all the songs, but it sounded like something fun. Wow, Vanessa Carlton is an amazing performer, and I was blown away. Her voice is beautiful, but she’s also an amazing pianist…and hilarious. 

And then tonight, I’m going to see Significant Other on Broadway.

Tomorrow, I sleep.

Unrelated question! In two weeks, I’ll be running Ragnar Tennessee with Reebok. We end in Nashville, and I’m going to stay there an extra day or so because I’ve always wanted to go to Nashville. What are the can’t-miss Nashville spots???