Sharath's list

July 2, 2018 wkaxyst 0

Here is a story that I found in the book ‘Awakening the spine’ by Vanda Scaravelli. She wrote the book when she has been already […]


June 30, 2018 wkaxyst 0

The picture shows the classic pose. In the past I was able to reach the floor with my fingers. In the end position the heels […]

Believe in yourself

June 27, 2018 wkaxyst 0

It’s soccer world cup. I love to see the matches. But I also love to listen to the interviews of the players. The world best […]

I progress

June 25, 2018 wkaxyst 0

I progress. I get stronger again. Also today I did all the vinyasas of primary series. It was hard. That’s how it is. To get […]

60 minutes count

June 21, 2018 wkaxyst 0

I practiced before 12 am. In the afternoon I won’t practice anymore, this is the experience. Either I find time in the morning or I’ll […]


June 19, 2018 wkaxyst 0

Primary today. I become stronger again. Today my mind was so busy with the vinyasas that I had forgotten the back pain. It’s so fulfilling […]

A compliment

June 17, 2018 wkaxyst 0

Today my mother-in-law made me a great compliment. She said that she was astonished how relaxed I was. And she thinks that this came from […]

Not amused

June 15, 2018 wkaxyst 0

This morning I woke up and back pain was back. Has my yoga practice caused it? Perhaps my body position during the night has been […]