May 24, 2018 wkaxyst 0

Vasisthasana is the pose of day 8 of the Instagram challenge #flylikeayogi. The last time I took a picture of this pose goes back to […]

No excuses

May 16, 2018 wkaxyst 0

It’s also possible to practice at night. Why not. It’s done and I feel excellent. Every practice counts.Time to sleep.

90 minutes

May 14, 2018 wkaxyst 0

I think my back bettered again. When I practice I experience my lack of strength more than the back pain. Less and less asanas I […]

Back bending

May 10, 2018 wkaxyst 0

No, I don’t begin from point zero again. But sometimes it feels so. Today was my back bending day. I don’t rush through the back […]