Crazy around every corner: Photos from the Cross Crusade Halloween weekend in Bend

This running-of-the-bulls inspired costume was one of the most creative of the day.
(Photo: J. Maus/BikePortland)

The River City Bicycle Cyclocross Crusade was at an entirely different level over the weekend. With its annual stop in Bend for races number five and six in the eight-race series, it was Oregon cyclocross at its peak. There was creativity, debauchery, inspiration, and fun around every corner.

As a competitor and as a spectator it was truly something to behold: There were brilliant costumes, enthusiastic crowds, and some serious (and not so serious) racing on yet another slippery and challenging course.

From the woman dressed in bondage gear spanking everyone who passed with a leather whip (we got it in slo-mo), to the cheeto and Oreo cookie handups, to the couple dressed like KISS rocking out as riders passed — I’m still reliving all the unforgettable moments in my head.

Speaking of which, there were guys in my race (category 2/3) dressed like tacos and handing out actual, real Taco Bell tacos for anyone who would take them. And another guy in my race dressed like a banana and had a bunch of peels in his pouch that he dropped like booby-traps on the course as he raced! Who does that?!

Before it gets too late on this Halloween night, I wanted to send you out with a sampling of the craziness from the weekend…

Whip me please!

Slo-mo vid of the bondage whipping woman. (Pics below if the video doesn’t work)

Cross Crusade in Bend-59.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-57.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-68.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-71.jpg

Our friend Maria Schur!

Cross Crusade in Bend-70.jpg

Even the elite racers got into the fun.

Cross Crusade in Bend-63.jpg

The peak of a steep grassy climb was one of the loudest spots on the course.

Cross Crusade in Bend-67.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-66.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-64.jpg

A racer accepts the Oreo cookie handup!

Cross Crusade in Bend-55.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-56.jpg

There was something crazy around every corner — including this KISS duo complete with guitars and a sound system.

Cross Crusade in Bend-15.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-53.jpg


There were quite a few costumes based on current events and politics.

There were quite a few costumes based on current events and politics.

Cross Crusade in Bend-46.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-44.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-40.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-38.jpg

Sure, why not stop for a beer mid-race?

Cross Crusade in Bend-37.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-36.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-35.jpg

I heard this guy get brilliantly heckled by a fan: “Four score and seven years ago is how long you’re taking to ride this course!”

Cross Crusade in Bend-34.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-32.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-29.jpg

I’m glad she wasn’t in my race. Scary!

Cross Crusade in Bend-28.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-26.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-22.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-12.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-49.jpg

Even the kids got into the act.

Cross Crusade in Bend-51.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-48.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-50.jpg

Cross Crusade in Bend-52.jpg

This young bull-fighter raced with the rose in his mouth — and he posed for me!

And yes, I dressed up too…

Thanks to Chris DiStefano for the photo and Giant Bicycles for the scary fast and fun bike.

Thanks to Chris DiStefano for the photo and River City Bicycles/Giant Bicycles for the scary fast and fun bike.

Have fun out there tonight! There’s a Halloween Ride leaving from north Portland at 5:30 pm if you can make it.

And if you want to take part in this cycling spectacle, you are in luck. This Sunday the Crusade returns home for a big event out at Portland International Raceway (just north of Kenton).

I’ve got more photos from Bend over on the BikePortland Flickr page.

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