Different levels of flexibility

There are different levels of flexibility.

Very flexible people can do a yoga pose without any warm-up. After a deep back bending asana the body allows it to go at once into a deep forward bending asana.

This all gets more difficult when the body gets older.

I need a warm up for most asanas.
Often it feels so much better to do some preparation asanas. In yoga classes this is a tabu. At home I feel free to do whatever feels good.
For me it’s so much easier to do urdhva dhanurasana with my hands on a block first before I do the real thing.

I also practice this pose against a wall first. It’s very helpful to have an external clue. The idea to bring the chest to the wall is much more useful than to think ‘open your heart’. 

It makes sense to look for an external clue if one wants to learn an asana. The alarm clock can also be an external clue, too. It might help to hold an asana longer. Counting the breath is less effective. 

The HOW TO learn a pose is so important. It is neglected in the community. Self-study is a key word here. 

It’s Sunday. The sun is shining. We have a guest, my mother-in-law is here. A Sunday excursion is planned. 

I slept longer than I wished. The plan was to get up early to practice before the common breakfast. It didn’t happen. I can blame our neighbour why I didn’t get up early. They had a party yesterday night. It was already after 1am, when they opened the balcony doors. Loud music could be heard everywhere. I was not the only one who checked who was so ruthless. I saw other neighbours on their balconies. to check who made such a noise at such a time. Party guests smoked on the balcony. the ash of the cigarettes flew through the air. I thought that I got older. I remember that I usually was amused when someone had party time. My life style has changed. I want to sleep before midnight. I love the early mornings. The music was not my taste either. The calm after a storm is very calm. 

Time to see what my darlings are doing…….