Eating Well With Hemsley + Hemsley Episode 10 Roundup: Get Ahead

Our final episode pays homage to the Sunday Cook-Off, which is one of the key focuses of our food philosophy. We pay a visit to Peter Fairs of Fairking Ltd, his family business, in his beautiful quinoa field in Essex. Fairking produce organic quinoa on British soil and if you’ve ever had the quinoa roasted veg salad or the quinoa and courgette bread at our Hemsley Selfridges cafe, this is where the quinoa comes from! A trip to an ingenious award winning urban allotment on top of a shed also proves highly inspiring.

We’re big believers that eating well doesn’t have to be difficult, or stressful – in fact, with just a little bit of preparation and forward-thinking it can be made so easy. By embracing just a few of our favourite tips for getting ahead with your cooking, you’ll ultimately be able to reduce the stress of wondering what to make for dinner every night! All of the dishes that we show you in this episode can be prepared in advance, as part of your Sunday Cook-Off and frozen, so you have a set of ready-made breakfasts, lunches and dinners at your fingertips to get you through the week.

First up – breakfast bars. Similar to a muesli bar, ours have a nutty crunch thanks to protein-rich quinoa, sesame and coconut and also has the sweet flavours of cranberries, cinnamon and a hint of banana. Chestnut flour binds it all together and gives it a moist cake texture between the crunch. We sometimes make this recipe without the cranberries when we fancy something plain for our portable breakfast and we’ve also tried it with an extra banana, which makes it more of a dessert and an easier snack for kids to handle. Quinoa is one of our all-time-favourite pseudocereals – meaning it’s NOT a grain, it’s gluten-free and even better – it’s really delicious. You can read more about our thoughts on grains here.

Mung dahl is our secret weapon for balancing out indulgences, or indeed any time we are feeling a little less than our best and need a nourishing boost. We love the efficiency of cooking en masse and like the other recipes in this episode, dahl is another great dish to stockpile in your freezer. Soothing and easy to eat, you’ll thank yourself that you’ve got some ready and waiting after a long day. A good dose of garlic, onions and ginger make this an immune-boosting dish and it’s made rich and even more nourishing with bone broth. Bone broth is rich in keratin and gelatin so it’s wonderful for skin and connective tissue, a perfect way to enjoy protein on the cheap too.

Our very easy family fish pie topped with cauliflower mash shows off another way to get more veg into your diet. We encourage looking for a supplier of wild fish, caught in a traditional, environmentally friendly way e.g. short lines and pole-caught fish rather than trawled varieties; and look for shellfish that are handpicked rather than dredged. All of these recipes are fridge and freezer friendly, so make ample amounts and stock up for a rainy day!

Watch Episode 10 – ‘Get Ahead’ of Eating Well With Hemsley + Hemsley here.