Floor Pike Push-Up: A Starting Point for the Handstand Push-Up

The Floor Pike Push-Up is an essential lead-up exercise for learning the Handstand Push-Up!

The Floor Pike Push-Up is one of the first lead up exercises that is absolutely essential to master if you ever want to perform a free standing, flat back Handstand Push-Up.

Watching a video of a super clean, free-standing Handstand Push-Up is what closed the deal on my transition to bodyweight training years ago. I still remember my immediate reaction: I want to do that, I have to do that, I wonder how long it will take me to do that!

I’d been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years, doing a lot of strength training using more traditional external loads (aka weights), when I began looking into advanced calisthenics. I started seeing a whole new side to strength. These guys weren’t doing lunges; they were performing incredibly cool feats of strength, on the ground, on bars, and on rings. They were obviously strong, but weren’t using any toys or gadgets to develop their seemingly superhuman abilities. I wanted to learn more.

After trying my first Handstand Push-Up, I learned just how much strength and skill go into learning that complex move. Getting there requires starting at the beginning, and progressing through a long series of lead-up exercises that will help you condition, build strength, and master the skill.

In the video tutorial below I’ll take you through step-by-step instructions for performing the Pike Push-Up. This is a great place to start you on your road to learning the HSPU! (This is also one of the progressions featured in our full-length instructional video Hand Balancing for the Bodyweight Athlete, which you can buy here.)