How To Prepare For Your First Race Of The Year

It’s still early in the year, and many of us are shaking off the cobwebs and trying to remember what it feels like to run hard. Maybe some of us are getting ready for our first big race ever. That requires practice and preparation.

“Racing is a skill,” says Joe Rubio, head coach of the Hoka Aggie Running Club. That means it’s something you get better at the more you do it. So consider these early season races a chance to figure out what works for you. Test warm-up techniques, shadow more experienced athletes, figure out if you’re someone who likes a little more or a little less rest in those final days.

“Keep track of what you have success with,” says Rubio, even if it means writing it down in a log. And then all your preparation will leave you very prepared when it comes time for your big race. Here are guidelines on how to prepare in those final weeks.