I Came, I Saw, Eye-roica'd

As you may recall, back in April I went to L’Eroica California and promised to give you a full accounting.  Well now that Outside have published this story I can begin to do just that:

(*I didn’t ride 100 miles.  Well I did in total, just not all on that bike.)

Please note this story focuses mostly on what it’s like to ride a modern-day gravel bike and a century-old museum piece back-to-back.  What’s missing is some of the backstory as well as some of my trademark awful photography, which I’ll provide you with in the very near future.  And speaking of photography, the photos in this piece were provided by none other than the globetrotting and formidably bearded Ultra Romance:

He went to find adventure and you’d better believe he found it, because it doesn’t get more adventurous than photographing a washed-up bike blogger put on a sorry show of riding a bicycle.

Anyway, there it is.  Enjoy the Outside story (or don’t, see if I care) and I’ll be back in due course with a detailed list of everything I ate all weekend as well as an exhaustive inventory of everything in my suitcase.  (Sadly I forgot the courage.)