I stopped practicing for a while. I feel ready to start again.

I stopped practicing yoga for a while. It seemed to me that pain fades away when I don’t practise. Quickly I got stiff. The hope was that my body would reposition itself that way. Of course I moved a lot, I walked a lot i.e., yet I didn’t stretch.

During my vacation my back got better and better. I had to laugh, because I mailed to a friend that I postpone the pain till I’ll be back home. Exactly that happened. At home again my back started aching. In sum I think all gets better. But it’s not stable.

As I had to interrupt the physio therapy due to my influenza and due to the vacation I had to renew the prescription. I met my physio therapist, I always love to talk to her. She always has bits of information that is useful to me. What astonished me i.e. was that my back gets worse when I’m in bed, not moving.
The explanation: My body is in a malposition. When the muscles are active they stabilize the body and bring it in a good position. Yet when they relax the body moves in the malposition. This aches.

And why do I have a malposition: Right leg first. right leg first. always right leg first, even when I do so intensive asanas like supta kurmasana (both legs behind the head). Also padmasana, lotus pose is an advanced asana. My body was balanced when I altered legs. Yet in the shala in India it’s right leg first and so the teacher have to forward it. This is the Ashtanga rule. Yet when rules ruin the body, they must be changed!

I started with strength training, too. I’ll write later about it.
Ashtanga yoga makes the body flexible. The body also gets stronger, but not strong enough to keep the body in balance.

Tomorrow I want to start again with the sun salutations and a short, the standing sequence and then I shall see how I feel. To do headstand and lotus pose seems to be a perfect end.

Today was new moon, a rest day, another rest day for me. Tomorrow is primary on the schedule, on Saturday is again a day off. This is great to have a day off after a first practice after a long break. This is my plan. I hope it’s not too early to challenge the body with stretching activities. Mentally I feel ready. I will start as soft as it’s possible for me.