I was knocked out

Within a day I felt from good to super lousy. I got fever and felt every hour more exhausted. I got an influenza. This is not a flu. It’s a virus which comes with high fever and exhaustion. The fever was above 39 plus. It can soar to 41 degree Celsius. Every tiny activity was too much for me. My E took me to the doctor three times. There I got infusions that brought the fever down. One week I was only in bed. I cannot remember when I felt so weak. In the morning I went to the kitchen to prepare a tiny breakfast for myself. Twice I lost consciousness and fell on the floor. I was not able to prepare a breakfast for myself. Writing this down, I’m so glad that this is all over. I didn’t feel my back during that time, because I had too much Aspirin in my body to bring the fever down.

“One must fight one’s way back to life,” the doctor said. This sentence was so true. One more week I felt weak. I slept more than three hours in the afternoon out of exhaustion even though I accomplished little.

There was no thought of practicing yoga. Of course not.

Now I’m recovered from this influenza and the back pain is back. I found a good physio therapist. In the meantime the pain moved. The muscles around the SI joint are involved now and hurt. The physio therapist recommends to move. Pain shall be avoided. I can and it’s even recommended to practice yoga.  I realized that the joint is slightly better. I could do trikonasana on the left side. Nevertheless the pain in the muscles around the joint is horrible.
A few days ago I bought a fascia roll. This shall help to bring the tightness out of the muscles. It’s painful to use it, but I have the feeling it helps. After the exercises I feel so much better.
Good was also that I was taught how to bow forward correctly. One shall avoid compensation movements. Due to the influenza I had to interrupt the treatment at the physio therapist, which I regret a lot. Now I’m alone with all the exercises that I can do. I’ll continue with the treatment in April.
It was wrong to take pain killers. My family doctor had this idea. My back pain is also not caused by stress. What nonsense. It can happen anywhere to block the SI joint. Lower back pain are almost never caused by psychologically reasons.  In my case the injury  happened during yoga. It was irresponsible that I was asked to practice asanas that hurt me even though I said minimum three times that I want to alter my practice due to back pain. This made everything worse.

I’m now on the right track. It will take several months, so the physio therapist, till I’ll be back to normal, but she is optimistic that this injury will heal.

I have to convince myself to start with Ashtanga yoga again. My routine is interrupted. I got stiff and I have this back issues. Much energy is required to get back to a practice. But this is it what has priority now.