Join Me At Camp Nerd Fitness

Today, we’re opening up sales for a limited number of spots to join us at Camp Nerd Fitness this September 21-25th in Clayton, GA.

Camp Nerd Fitness sold out last year and I expect this year to be no different. We did an early launch to previous campers and our interest list yesterday, and we sold over 75 of our 250 remaining spots in just a few hours as I write this!

If you’re somebody who watched last year’s video, saw our 16 headmasters and all the cool activities and events we’re having, and thought “hell yah, I’m in!” -consider this a reminder to sign on up! If you’re somebody who’s interested but hasn’t decided to book a spot yet (aka “buy-curious” like Tobias Funke from the Arrested Development), I’m hoping this email will convince you to take a chance and join me.

Camp NF 2015


Simply put, Camp Nerd Fitness is a weekend that can change your life. Bold statement, I know, but I’m not one to over-exaggerate (yes, I realize the name of my bucket list is “epic quest of awesome,” but that’s me being self-aware and ironic!). I want to see you at Camp because it’s so much more than a long weekend:

  • It’s a place where you can belong. Last year, I had a camper run up to me at the costume party to join her in a very serious argument about Star Trek vs Star Wars. I had several older Rebels come up and tell me how they wished they had something like Camp when they were younger.Camp is a place where the outside world doesn’t exist. We take over the ENTIRE campgrounds and nobody else is there except us. This means you get to be 100% yourself, quirks and all, with no judgment. If you’re an extreme introvert who loves board games, you can play them all night long with other introverts. If you’re an outgoing nerd with crazy dance moves and you just want to dance, we got that too. Everything in between? The weirder the better.
  • It sets you up to succeed all year long. One camper watched people powerlifting at Camp Nerd Fitness 2014, decided she wanted to try it, so she returned home and hired a trainer and became a powerlifter. She came back last year and competed in our powerlifting competition! In her words, she now feels like a total badass. I can’t wait to see what she’s capable of this year.There’s something special about this group of people and this event, something intangible. The afterglow of camp quickly becomes an everglow of growth all year long. You’ll acquire skills and try new activities that will give you the confidence to make real changes in your life. I think it’s why we have a ton of campers that come back year after year after year – they’re making improvements and want to show their Camp friends what they’ve accomplished!
  • Try new skills and new activities in one location. If you’ve ever wanted to try yoga, parkour, martial arts, swing dancing, improv, archery, powerlifting, cooking, or even working on your social skills but feel too self-conscious to real world (trust me, I’m the same way!), Camp is for you.I loved watching a group of Rebels doing cartwheels and falling on their butts while laughing hysterically during a tricking class. We’re all in this together, and you’ll never have a better place to move from new activity to activity, not caring how you look or what others are thinking – as we’re all looking goofy at the same time!
  • You make lifelong friends. Whenever I’m feeling down or depressed, I just go spend five minutes looking at the Camp Nerd Fitness Facebook group, a private group for present and past Campers. Although Camp is only 5 days long, looking at the interactions between these people you would think everyone was lifelong friends.This incredibly active community coordinates trips to visit each other, supporting each other in all areas of life leveling up, and staying connected. I even know of a few relationships that have popped up as a result of Camp Nerd Fitness (which is so cool!) – and get this – I officiated a wedding at Camp NF last year! It’s not just an event, it’s a support system for the whole year.
  • It’s an investment in your future. I know Camp Nerd Fitness is a significant investment, and we don’t take that lightly. In fact, I hired an events guru (who I’ve known since before I started Camp NF) to work full-time for Team Nerd Fitness and focus her entire attention on events and experiences like Camp Nerd Fitness.I know you have a choice with how you spend your hard-earned money and what community you choose to associate with. If you choose to join me at Camp Nerd Fitness this fall, I promise you that we will be working every day until then to make sure it’s the most engaging and inspiring 5 days of your life. I’ve seen it change hundreds of lives, mine included.

I would love the opportunity for this year’s camp to change your life too.

If you decide to take the plunge, you can look forward to lots of hugs and high fives from me when you get to camp. I hope I get a chance to hear your story and find out where you’re headed.

Thank you for being here, and thanks for reading up to this point! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go greet all of our new campers in the Facebook group. Okay I might go play more Witcher 3 too; wow what a game!



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