Just Popping Back In To Promote Myself


Just poking my head in the door to let you know that on Monday, April 17th at 7:00pm I’ll be bloviating at the REI in Soho:

The subject of my bloviation will be “mountain biking,” which is a hot new trend involving riding bicycles with knobby tires on forest trails.  If you live in New York City and have been curious about this exciting new sport, or if you just like hearing goofy bike bloggers be goofy, you won’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime event.  Topics will include:

–Where to ride

–How to get there

–Why you don’t need dropper posts and other expensive crap


Copies of my latest book will also be for sale, and I’ll even sign them for you!  Or, if you already have my book and want to give it back, I’ll gladly accept it, though I won’t give you a refund.

Best of all, I’ll do my best to scrounge up some fun stuff to give away, such as hats and coffee and hatfuls of coffee and stuff like that.

Nobody gives of themselves more than me.


–Wildcat Etc. and so forth