Mastering the Single-Arm Push-Up

The Single-Arm Push-Up is frequently cited as a prime example of bodyweight strength and prowess. But if you’ve begun the road to mastering this skill you know that it is a lot more than just strength: it requires an amazing amount of coordination and stability. And when done properly, it is the result of dedication and a very strategic line of progressive exercises.

Right below you’ll find the complete set of SAPU video tutorials taken directly from our BODYWEIGHT ATHLETE PROGRAM. Each video is part of a progressive strategy that takes you all the way from a super regressed Two-Arm Push-Up variation to the always impressive Single-Arm Push-UP (SAPU). But before you jump into the tutorials, you may want to read on and gather some info on why these progressions actually work, including how some of the classic bodyweight training techniques found in the video make the seemingly impossible, absolutely obtainable.