Mint Chocolate Workout Brownies

Super fudgy, homemade mint chocolate brownies – that are secretly good for you!

In less than two weeks since I first posted the recipe for the original Chocolate Workout Brownies, it is absolutely CRAZY how many of you have already tried them!!!

Already over a hundred of you have emailed me, commented, or posted on social media that you’ve tried the recipe. Seriously, you guys are the best.

I love these brownies just as much as you all do… and I’m already on my fourth batch. This time I added peppermint extract to the original recipe, because I’ve always thought mint-chocolate is even better than regular chocolate. And these mint brownies are no exception.

(Also be sure to check out the original version if you haven’t tried it yet.)

brownie batter

In all of my trials with these brownies, I’ve discovered a few things:

-Substituting regular cocoa powder for the protein powder works just fine.

-Adding a tbsp of dutch cocoa to the batter makes them taste even more brownie-like!

-For a nut-free option, pumpkin seed butter works really well.

mint brownies