Modern Times – Controlling

Fitbit Charge HR:  I joined this community.

A few times back I read in a magazine that students of a university have to wear a Fitbit Charge HR. They have to walk 10 000 steps every day. Sport is part of the marks with 20% priority.

In general I think it’s good when students, people move. Yet I always thought it’s rather part of the fun live than a duty.

I got interested and realized that much more but only steps can be measured. Steps, floors, sleep quality, activities, calories, heart rate…..Especially the heart rate interested me. During Christmas time I measured my heart rate and it was above 100 and I was only sitting at the breakfast table. I know now thanks Fitbit, that all is normal. My average heart rate is 77.

It’s possible to join the fitbit community. Different groups formed. It costs about 50 Euro extra. Then it’s possible to compare the own data with the data of the community, which is interesting.

Above you see my sleep data. It takes 40 min till I fall asleep. Twice I woke up and 16 times I was uneasy. So I was 8 hours in bed, but slept only 7 hours.
This is exactly how my sleep feels. It’s not really calm, too often I feel uneasy.

This tool that is like a wristband has also an alarm clock. It’s vibrating to wake up. This is very attentive if one is not alone in bed.

The system gives also rewards and tips.  I’m sure it’s motivating. Observing means changing. Observe your breath and at once it’s deeper. I live in the fifth floor. Yesterday I took the steps already….. and I always take the elevator.

Oh my, this is funny. For me this is modern times.

Do you ‘fitbit’, too?
Comments are welcomed.

PS: I found out why my sleep is so uneasy. My back hurts when I turn around. I have to support my back with my hand.