New Outside Column!

Here’s my latest column for Outside, which is about how just maybe we should treat delivering stuff by bike like it’s an actual job, and also treat the people who do that job like actual humans while we’re at it:

Though I still reserve the right to make fun of fixie scavenger hunts:

In other news, I’ve been riding early in Central Park owing to responsibilities concomitant with the curation of human children, and while as of a couple weeks ago the problem was that it was dark and cold, now the problem is that it’s light and warm, because the park’s officially become Too Crowded.  In particular, once the temperature gets above 60 American Degrees™ the triathletes start to appear:

New York City triathletes can be seen on bikes like the one above, and they’re often engaged in inexplicable behavior such as sprinting on the downhills while splayed out over their aerobars. 

Of course if I were to encounter myself I’d be lamenting the presence of Freds on expensive wooden bicycles so there you go.