New Outside Column!

You know how when you’re on a bike everyone seems to treat you like you’re in the way, even if you’re with a bunch of other people on bikes and you outnumber drivers by a large number?  Well my latest Outside column is about that:

More or less.

I suppose eventually things will reach a tipping point and things will change.  After all, everything does sooner or later.  Hey, when I was a teenager trying my hardest to look punk people used to throw bottles at me from cars.  Now elementary school kids get their hair dyed blue.  (Well they do here, anyway.)

Of course I’m still getting things thrown at me from cars, only now it’s because I ride a bike.  (Okay, fine, it’s been awhile since someone threw something at me from a car for riding a bike–unless you count insults, which still happens fairly often.)

Too bad they spelled “crabon” wrong.

Of course I always thought if I were ever to wind up in the dictionary it would be my face beneath the word “bloviate,” but this will have to do.