Next Stop: The City of Siblingly Love!

[Please note there will be no post tomorrow, Friday, November 4th, because there won’t.  I will resume regular updates on Monday, Nov. 7th, because I will.]

This Saturday, November 5th, which is the fifth day of the 11th month of the two-thousand one hundred and sixteenth year since Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rolled over the odometer on the calendar (or, if you prefer, the VIth Annus of the Lobster–not to be confused with the VIth Anus of the Lobster, lobsters only have one), I’ll be at the Philly Bike Expo in guess which mid-Atlantic city famous for cracked bells and cheese steaks:

More specifically, I’ll be giving a “seminar” at 1:30pm, which will most likely involve a live quiz with valuable* prizes, assuming I can get it together:

*(Prizes will be of little to no monetary value.)

I’m very much looking forward to seeing at least some of you there, but please note that in order to attend you must first print and sign this waiver which was drafted by my legal team, Cipo, Cipo, & Cipo, LLP: We’ll Get You Off!™

And yes, I will be checking.

Anyway, all those fantastic prizeways won’t curate themselves, so today’s post needs be short.  However, rest assured you can revel in lots more of my prose by reading my latest column for Reclaim, which is the Vanity Fair of the smugness set:

The short version is we should be using 21st century technology to stop drivers from slaughtering people, instead of the twin-pronged approach we use now which is basically a combination of victim-blaming and nothing.

Lastly, speaking of bikes and Jesus, the Gun of Sod’s tomb is getting a sweet titanium upgrade:

Rainwater had deteriorated much of the mortar over the centuries. Iron support bars that were fully corroded will be removed and replaced by titanium.

I wonder if it will be more laterally stiff and vertically compliant than it was when I visited like 25 years ago:

Jesus wept…over my outfit.

See some of you on Saturday and the rest of you on Monday.

Until then,

I remain,

Etc. and so forth,

Wildcat Rock Machine