No Bake Chocolate Crunch Cups

Crispy, crunchy, peanut buttery chocolate crunch cups – made with just 3 ingredients!

Sometimes you’re invited to an event at the last minute and have literally under an hour to come up with something to bring.

At this point, you have TWO options:

Option A: Stop at Trader Joes along the way to pick up a pre-made dish, and try not to get lost in the wine section for hours…

Option B: Whip up a batch of these no-bake chocolate crunch cups, because you probably already have all the ingredients to make them!

(Sadly, option B does not involve wine.)

peanut butter crunch cups

Unless it’s Texas in the summer (i.e. 110 degrees), the crunch cups are fine to leave out at room temperature without melting.

If you’re bringing them to a party, I’d probably recommend stirring the peanut butter–if using–into the chocolate instead of spreading it on top after they’re chilled. That way they will be less messy to transport!

See the video, below: