Ride Safe This Weekend!

Just an uncharacteristically thoughtful note quick note to wish everyone happy riding this weekend.

I’ve not been riding quite as much as I’d like these last couple of days, but we did manage a quick spin around the neighborhood yesterday:

And I also worked in a tri-borough Brompton Night Ride, which is something everyone should do now and again, as the city by night is always inspiring:

I hadn’t undertaken any long-distance Bromulations in a little while and in doing so was reminded what an agile and capable city bike it is, even with its handlebar bag loaded with sundries.  The two-speed drivetrain is also ideal: you’ve got your crusing-down-the-avenues gear, and then you’ve got your riding-over-the-bridge gear.  Speaking of riding over the bridge, as I approached mid-span on the Queensboro Bridge I noticed a number of cyclists were stopped and gazing out over the mighty Queens skyline:

So I joined them and was treated to a brilliant fireworks display:


What a racket.