Runners Share The Best—And Worst—Advice They’ve Received

We asked, you responded…what’s the best and worst running advice you’ve ever received?

Best Advice

“Before splashing aid-station water on your face, check that it’s not Powerade.” —Brad Stewart

“Never trust a fart after 2 miles.” —Jeff Vollmer

“Make sure you have a solid base before you start your 16-week marathon training.” —Stacy Bagal

“Run your race, stay your pace!” —Malini Nagpal

“Use lotion! After my first really long run, it wasn’t only advised, it was self-taught.” —Ryan Clifton


Worst Advice

“Store items (fuel, phone, etc.) in my bra. Terrible advice. It’s a great way to ruin a phone and chafe!” —Victoria Erin

“You can just use any shoes. No need to go buy running shoes.” —Mike Brosenne

old shoes

“My foot strike should be from heel-to-toe.” —Steve Coleman

“Write the date you started wearing new running sneakers on the inside of the tongue with a Sharpie, then you’ll know when to change them. You’ll also end up with a black smudge on every single pair of white running socks you own because when you sweat, the Sharpie smears off!” —Lynn Stroup Latham


“A guy on a race shuttle tells the group around him, ‘Go out fast so you can bank your time!’ I DID NOT do this.” —Kendra Vandenakker Alcock

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