Shoal-ly You Jest

Is there a scarier sign than this?

Fortunately I’ve been studying up just in case I have to take legal action against anybody in the event I fall victim to a triathlete and/or wild animal attack:

What kid wouldn’t want to be a lawyer after looking at that inspirational cover?

Alas, the message it sends is that you can be a lawyer just as long as you’re a balding white man…which I guess means I’d better go to law school:

We’re partners in the law firm of Fredly and Schmendrick, LLC.

(And don’t ask what I’m doing with that book, that’s abysmal imaging work even by the lowly standards of this blog.)

I am pleased to report that this morning’s ride was blissfully triathlete- and coyote-free:

And the Milwaukee continues to serve me exceedingly well on my mixed-terrain rambles:

If you’re wondering #whatpressureyourunning, I went with 199psi on the rear and 2psi on the front, and it was perfection.  Sheer perfection.  

Finally, as we move into July 4th, let’s take a moment to meditate on the urgent need to heal our increasingly fraught relationship with our neighbors to the north:

Eben Weiss concludes by saying “I daresay one of Canada’s trademark apologies is in order.” He is right. And while Canadians may be boycotting American ketchup, bourbon and “preserved meat of bovine, other than in cans or glass jars”, in response to the Trump Tariffs, we will never boycott the Bike Snob. As a Canadian, I unreservedly say:


I was duly moved by this apology, though what most American’s don’t know is that in Canada the apology doesn’t really count unless it’s also issued in French.  That’s how they fool us Americans–it’s basically the same as crossing your fingers behind your back.  Also, I’m afraid to say I’ve been forced to impose a tariff on this blog, which means if you’re reading it north of the border you’re going to have to pay a 50% premium on the current retail price of zero dollars.

The bike culture trade wars will destroy us all.