Small Changes + Cherry Blossom Hopes

In January, I felt AMAZING.

Ok, that’s partially a lie. The first week or so of Whole 30 SUCKED. I was waiting for that yay! awesome! feeling, and I was stuck with headaches as my body detoxed and got used to a super-clean diet again.

I’m trying to get back there again. I’m not liking the way my clothes are fitting and I’m definitely noticing the effects of a less-clean diet on my mental health. No joke, I feel happier the more vegetables I have. 

My diet is decent these days. My breakfast and lunch are usually perfectly healthy. It’s snacks and nights out where I fall apart. Something like Whole 30 works for me short-term FOR SURE (per Julie’s recent interesting post on abstainers vs. moderators, abstaining is easier for me short-term, but longer-term, I’d like to get closer to moderation.)

Anne recently asked me if I stuck to Whole 30 after I ended/how it’s affected my diet since. Well, I left for vacation several days after I finished and fell head-first off the wagon, and now that “puffiness” is returning.

As I caught myself in the mirror at Uplift this morning, i was tempted to pick myself apart and stare at my midsection that doesn’t look how I want it to. But I stopped myself and made myself think of a positive thought to replace that. I enjoyed watching my biceps in the mirror as I lifted. I was proud that when Kat asked if anyone wanted a heavier weight, I made eye contact and said “hell yeah I do.”

One of my favorite guilty pleasures at work is dark chocolate-covered espresso beans. A little shot of caffeine AND chocolate? YES PLEASE. When we do have them, I easily fall into the habit of having a few after lunch. And mid afternoon. And late afternoon. The past few days, I’ve been trying to make an active effort to choose fruit instead.

And I loooove me some wine, but I know if I often have after-work plans and I have goalz, I need to put my goals first, not my wine. I don’t want to give it up completely, but I’m not keeping it at home any more and limiting myself to two drinks on weeknights and four on a weekend.

Nothing huge, but my diet doesn’t need a huge overhaul, just some small changes.

Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

This is the second time I’m running this race — this time as part of Anne’s Cabot Team. I just re-read my recap, and apparently I feel exactly the same right now as I did going into it last time. Haven’t run double digits since the marathon, still want to PR (8:58 pace or less.) I still feel the same way — if I have an OK day, it will be possible. Need to be super careful of how I eat on Saturday/the rest of this week, and after that, leave it up to how I feel Sunday morning.

And then BK, I go hard next week with training.

1. What are small changes you make when trying to fine-tune your diet?

2. DC people — I obviously know the city well, but am bringing a friend for her first time. What do you think are must-sees for first-timers AND what new restaurants should I know about?