Stellar Actor Ed Harris Stays Present With Yoga

photo: Gabriel Bouys

Ed Harris, the steely eyed, chiseled chinned actor known for his unmistakably stellar and often serious acting style, who currently plays “Man in Black” in HBO’s Westworld, and every great dramatic role to the moon and back (See Apollo 13, Glengarry Glen Ross, A History of Violence, Gravity, etc.), whose performances are so unwavering you wonder if he is a zen master offscreen, that Ed Harris recently shared some insight on how he gets into character and stays so. darn. steady. Guess what? It’s yoga.

“…I’m a fairly intense guy and take things somewhat seriously. Maybe too much so, at times,” Harris said in an interview with Vulture. But after being in the acting world for three decades, Harris realized it’s about just letting things be.

“As the years go by, you realize how important just relaxing and being present is, keeping your feet on the ground and all the research you’ve done and the prep work you’ve done for whatever character you’re playing,” said Harris.

How does he relax? “A little yoga,” says Harris who added that he also does something physical every day “whether it’s working in the yard or doing a little run or swimming or playing a little tennis.”

Whether shooting a film or performing on stage, Harris tries to stay in shape physically and mentally to keep with the demands of the role, but he also knows it’s important to just be present.

“It’s just about getting in that zone and letting it be and not trying to do anything and letting things take place and letting discovery happen and trusting yourself and opening yourself up to see what takes place,” said Harris.

“…You just try and stay in good shape and stay loose and keep breathing and stay centered and do your thing.”



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