The Wolverine Workout: Get Strong Like Logan!

This is a post from Nerd Fitness head trainer Jim Bathurst.

YES! Another Wolverine movie! LOGAN is now showing in theaters nationwide, and I couldn’t be more excited.

If you’re like many people, Wolverine is one of your favorite X-men (especially for short guys like myself!), and nothing is more awesome than seeing the Little Runt rage around and beat up bad guys.

To get you ready and pumped for the movie – more so than taping silverware to your hands – we’ve got a fun workout for you!

Now yes, you can absolutely find Hugh Jackman’s exact workout online. It’s excellent for what he needed to do to get ready for the movie role – a bodybuilding type workout that packed muscle where it mattered for film (chest, shoulders, arms) while giving a good strength base with squats and deadlifts (and making sure Wolverine wasn’t walking on chicken legs).


Note: if you’re looking for the “How Hugh Jackman got in shape for Logan,” the article is right here: “How to look like Famous Actor in Action Movie!”

We’re assuming you’re not getting ready for a major Hollywood role, nor do you have 5 straight days to spend a few hours in the gym. No worries, we’re going to get a bit of the flavor of Jackman’s workout, and the Wolverine character in general, into our own Nerd Fitness Wolverine Workout!

Always Warm-up First!

Your choice of warm-up for this one, whether it’s a bit of jump roping, light calisthenics, or one of our warm-ups.

I wanted to recommend sprinting through the woods with mutton chops glued to the side of your head, but our lawyers discouraged that for some reason. If you’re going to be using a barbell in the exercise, warm up with several lighter sets of 3-5 reps!

Whatever you choose, you should feel ready and mobile to move around!

The Wolverine Workout

I’ve put together something you can do with very little or zero equipment.

Things will obviously be more challenging with equipment/extra weight, but I wanted options for whichever X-men Academy you currently reside.

Let’s look at the whole thing, watch the video, then talk more in depth: