Things Are Going to Be Okay

Today was an emotional rollercoaster. My mom was scheduled to have surgery at 3, and I was planning on leaving work at noon to run home for Bailey, pick up some stuff and be uptown with her by 1. She called at 11 to say the doctor was running early (wha?!) and she was on her way. I scrambled to finish my work and get uptown as quickly as possible. Thanks to a special combination of NYC commuting hell today, it took more than an hour to get there — the entire time, I was freaking out that I’d miss being able to see her before her surgery.

Well, I made it in time to give her a big hug before she went in, and she made it through the surgery like a champ.

BEST NEWS? The surgery did what we’d hoped it’d do — confirm the scans/blood tests that showed NO CANCER! The past few months certainly haven’t been easy for us as a family, but I know we are so beyond lucky to have received the wonderful news we did today, and I can’t say enough about her medical team at Columbia/New York Presbyterian.

April 11th 2016
Posted under regular by Theodora Blanchfield.