This 100-Year-Old Yogi Tried Her First Yoga Class At Age 67 And She’s An Inspiration!

She’s been practicing yoga for over 30 years…and she just turned 100! And we heart her. Jean Dawson just celebrated her 100th birthday on February 20th and if you’ve done the math that means she didn’t even start her yoga practice until she was in her late 60s, which means you need to share this with your silver senior aunts, uncles, moms, and dads right now. (High fives if you’re reading this and you’re over 60!)

Dawson entered her first yoga class at the young age of 67 after seeing an ad about it in her neighborhood and she still attends weekly classes to this day. The UK-native practices the prop-intensive, static-pose-holding Iyengar Yoga and credits it for her health and longevity.

“I don’t know how I would be today if I hadn’t taken up Iyengar Yoga. It has given me good posture, balance, concentration, flexibility and stamina,” Dawson told Metro UK.

“It has really changed my life and has helped cure aches and pains,” she said. “I used to have trouble from a slipped disc in my back but doing yoga really helped me cope with it.”


She may not be doing wild things and eka pada whosiwhatsits, but that’s not what it’s about, anyway.

“You can only do what you can do,” says Dawson. ”A few years ago, I could do all the handstands and everything but I have to stop doing those now due to my blood pressure.”


Dawson says she’s met kind people and made good friends through yoga, one of which is her teacher Christine Tyson, whom she’s been practicing with for decades and who’s now 66, which we think is pretty darn neato.

Over 30 years of yoga and she’s still going strong.

“Doing Iyengar Yoga has helped me more than anything and I really enjoy the company every single week, so I think I can continue for a little longer,” she says.

And we say,  happy birthday, Jean! Thanks for being an inspiration. We think you’re the queen of tree pose.


images credit: Lorne Campbell/Guzelian




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