This Just In: App-ropos of Nothing…

…there’s a new TransAlt app featuring the Bike Forecast!

It’s free, it’s available on both the App Store and Google Play, and best of all it’s free at no cost to you!

Plus, you can send in tips:

Ticket sting?  Sinkhole?  Freshly dumped, still-perfectly-edible produce in the dumpster by the Whole Foods?  Let your fellow cyclists know and you will be richly rewarded in the afterlife!*

*[Hateful Ambien-induced tips will be subject to censure and/or series cancellation as applicable.]

Yes, thanks to this app, TransAlt is now the most technologically advanced advocacy group on the face of the planet earth, and just wait until we drop the new virtual reality system that lets you ride under the illusion that there’s a protected bike lane on every street:

(Virtu-Smug being beta-tested indoors at TransAlt HQ.)

What an exciting time to be alive!