This little colorful Tofu Salad with Cashew Dressing is something I designed to make the most of the fridge leftovers – salad innovation is a totally freestyle discipline in that you can literally chuck in whatever you fancy; I’ve chosen a mixture of colorful everyday affordable vegetables with a mixture of crunchy textures, supplemented with the silky softness of the tofu parcels and augmented by the deep and rich flavours of turmeric and cumin as well as the thick breadth of the cashew dressing. The dish is undisputedly vegetarian, but the cashew and tofu add a decent source of plant protein, and since it’s properly summery in London right now, this is a real ‘sit outside in the evening sun‘ dinner dish which is both filling yet light enough to enable an unconstrained night’s sleep! Click MORE for the ingredients and ‘how to’…
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  1. Finely chop the coriander,
  2. Slice the carrot lengthways, creating long thin strips. I used a cheese grater to ensure uniform and elegant thickness. Do the same with the cucumber; these dimensions are so much more mentally engaging than the traditional shredded fodder!
  3. Very finely chop the red cabbage into thin strips.
  4. Mix all the vegetables in a bowl and serve on a plate.
  5. Cut the tofu into fairly generous cubes and Lightly fry these parcels in the non-stick frying pan. Add the seasoning so that the tofu cubes assume a beautiful golden-yellow glow.
  6. Serve on top on the vegetables and drizzle the cashew sauce, which you make in the ensuing step:
  7. Cashew sauce? Simple, just blend all the ingredients in a mixer (Cashews, Water, Sesame oil, Soy sauce, Vinegar, Lemon).
  8. Serve and devour on a hot summers evening!

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