Upper Body Workouts Women Should Do!

More often than not, women avoid upper body workouts for one reason: fear of bulking up. We get it, most women do not want to become “too muscular.” But were here to tell you that adding weights to your routine will not make you jacked! In fact, it could have a positive impact on your fitness goals, your fat loss, and your health in general!

If you’ve been focusing on butt and abs only, it’s time to mix things up!


From improved posture to greater mobility to an elevated metabolism, working your upper body with weights has nothing but upside! Take a closer look:



Now that you know all the benefits, here’s a short workout you can add to your routine today!

To get the most from this workout, you will need your BodyRock weighted vest and a set of dumbbells. The BodyRock vest is a powerful workout tool! It adds resistance to all your movements without you having to change a single thing. That means, more muscle engagement, an increase in calories burned, and a greater potential for fat loss! If you are lacking this equipment, we’ve got your covered with the Dumbbell Vest Combo! Get yours here!


You’ll want to do each of these moves for 50 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest in between. Do the entire circuit twice. Take a peek: