What can I do for my muscles?

I think it’s not only the SI joint that is not functioning as usual, also the muscles around it suffer in the meantime.

How can I pamper my muscles, I wondered?
1. Muscles love warmth. Then they relax. I was at the sauna again.
2. I take Magnesium and Kalium.
3. I eat more protein, that is red lentils, red beans to name a few edible plants.

4. What is also important  is to rest. This is often overlooked. Muscles need time off. It’s nonsense to practice every day 2 and a half hours. Even those who prepare themselves for a marathon do this within shorter practices before the running. It’s dangerous and not effective to practice that long every day.

I often go to bed after midnight because I read and read and read. There is so much knowledge outside, knowledge that has not yet reached the Ashtanga community.

This morning I practiced primary. When I’m on the mat I want to find out what is possible. I cannot practice lame. It was possible to take my legs behind my head. I did yoga nidrasana instead of supta kurmasana. This stabilizes the back. This calmed me that I was so flexible. Only setu bandhasana was not possible. My practice was not pain free, but I AM recovering. I AM RECOVERING.

Time to rest. And tomorrow is a day off. Halleluja.