Who Are You Calling A Litist?

Wow, I have so much exciting stuff to share I don’t know where to begin!

Okay, fine, let’s begin with my latest Outside column:

Which is like super topical now thanks to this tweet:

I’m surprised Twitter’s algorithms didn’t auto-reply with a GIF of someone eagerly eating popcorn after that one, because whoa.

Anyway, I highly recommend perusing the thread, because what’s more ironic than a smug celebrity bike activist from Scandinavia calling out other people for their white privile(d)ge?

And yes, this is totally white privilege in action:

In more exciting news, I’ve taken delivery of a brand new testcycle!

Alas, I can’t yet reveal the identity of the testcycle, but I can tell you the following:

  • It will be reasonably priced;
  • It is not made of wood.

Rest assured that I’ll share all the details as soon as I have permission to do so, and that in the meantime I’ll be using the bicycle extensively because this is the kind of bicycle you want to use extensively.

Finally, this past weekend I wound up in Brooklyn and came across a sign that said “free kayaking:”

I hadn’t even gotten past the word “free” (is there a sweeter assembly of letters in the English language?) when next thing I knew my progeny and I were adrift in the fetid brine of New York Harbor:

It was all rather delightful.

Kayaks truly are the Fixies of the Sea.