Your Choices Make All The Difference

Choose consistency, not perfection.

Choose strength and performance, not exhaustion.

Choose simplicity, sustainability, and sanity, not bullshit.

Choose to focus on the things you can do, not those you can’t.

Choose decisive action, not relentless planning.

Choose to take control, don’t fall prey to your circumstances.

Choose to shut up and do something, don’t complain.

Choose for health and fitness to be a part of your life, not something that dominates it.

Choose self-compassion as a response to your slip-ups, not condemnation.

Choose flexibility, not obsession.

Choose to adapt to the circumstances, don’t give up entirely.

Choose to do what has to be done, don’t get distracted with everything that can be done.

Choose to become the best version of yourself everyday; don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

Choose the goals, values, and metrics that matter to you, not what society and marketing tactics have deemed to be worthy.

Choose empowerment, not punishment.

Choose consistent, small improvements; don’t lust at the idea of overnight success.

Choose to make the process its own reward, don’t rely on the destination to provide happiness.

Choose to actually apply the above information; don’t merely “Like” it, get motivated for a fleeting moment, and then forget about it.

You’re continuously making choices. Actively choose. Be pragmatic, not passive.

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